Save on your office product purchases with Hamster

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CHHMA members can now take advantage of a new office supplies program from Hamster

The CHHMA is pleased to announce that our members can take advantage of a new office supplies program from Hamster (Novexco).
This new and exciting program offers:

  • Discounts up to 70% of retail price on most products
  • Extra discounts are added on all OFFIX products (House Brand)
  • The possibility for a personalised pricing list based on your most used items.
  • Next day free delivery
  • Distribution at national level
  • A dedicated account manager with the ability to evaluate and provide your entire work place.
  • Proactive recommendations for cost reduction
  • Easy online ordering 24 / 7
  • Access to Brands of products you already know and trust
  • A customer service department with good knowledge of products and good expertise

A year ago, Quebec-based Novexco announced that its banners including Bu-roPLUS, Club express were adopting a single new identity: Hamster.
The move was part of a strategic plan aimed at accelerating its growth in a market dominated by US-based giants. Novexco is the largest Canadian-owned provider of office supplies and services and is currently the 3rd largest in-dustry player in Canada.

“Companies such as Amazon and other online giants are in a position to at-tract consumers with very advantageous terms but we have the tools, solutions and logistics to compete with them,” says Novexco president and CEO Denis Mathieu.

He added: “Our people are always thinking solutions. They have been trained to focus on customer service and personal contact. Our large and solid net-work enables us to adapt and to exceed the expectations of consumers from coast to coast.”

Novexco’s unique and creative business model, based on a network of five warehouses in major urban centres and more than a hundred local stores, is designed to offset high transportation costs and optimize last-mile logis-tics, the tallest challenge for all Canadian distributors. The ability to of-fer quality products at a competitive price on the strength of robust logis-tics is a major selling point when competing with the e-commerce giants, and Novexco can now guarantee next business day delivery in most parts of Canada.

Incorporating e-commerce into business operations is one of the keys to growth in today’s marketplace. That is no daunting challenge for Novexco, which has always kept abreast of market trends. Today, online sales to busi-nesses account for nearly 80% of Novexco’s sales and the company is constant-ly investing to improve and adapt its e-commerce solutions for a unique cus-tomer base consisting of governments, small, medium and large businesses, re-sellers and consumers across Canada.

Creative positioning reflects company’s creative edge

In a fairly traditional industry, Hamster stands out with bright colours, a flexible corporate culture and a counter-current creative flair for antici-pating the trend. “Like that little thing in our head that is always spin-ning, we are always looking for the best solutions for our customers,” said Mathieu. Hamster will apply a customer-centric strategy to press ahead with coast-to-coast expansion while preserving quality service and close relation-ships with current customers.

“Our former banners served us well for 20 years,” said Mathieu. “But the mar-ketplace, our customers and our business have changed. We want to reflect that change and project our personality, our creativity and our ingenuity. Bringing our banners together under a single identity will enable us to in-crease our impact.”

It takes agility and ingenuity to be a leader in the fast-changing office supplies business. “On the one hand, demand for some products, such as paper, is plunging. On the other, we have products that didn’t exist 10 years ago. For example, people want to work standing up and we are distributing standing desks and table lift mechanisms so they can be productive and healthy at the same time. The industry is being revolutionized and we need to embrace and embody the winds of change,” Mathieu concluded.

If you would like to learn more about this great program, please contact:

Julie Messier
Account Manager (Development) – Hamster
Phone : 1 (866) 592 – 1212 Ext 8420

About Novexco Inc.

Novexco is a Canadian office, technology and furniture supply distributor owned by its merchants and management, founded in 1996. Its 109 stores in eastern Canada, primarily Quebec, have operated under the Hamster name since March 2018. Its commercial sales division serves Canadian businesses from distribution centres in Calgary, AB, Markham, ON, Laval, QC, Montreal, QC, and Dartmouth, NS. The Hamster network has more than 3,000 employees. Novex-co’s head office is located in Laval, Quebec. Novexco is a Gold Standard win-ner in the “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” awards.