peer groups are a great advantage

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CHHMA peer groups – come check them out

Exclusive for CHHMA members, CORE, SMART & HR peer groups offer one of the most valuable benefits of CHHMA membership

The CHHMA is looking for additional members to join our successful peer network groups including SMART, CORE & HR.

SMART stands for “Sales Managers Achieving Results Together”

How Does it Work?

Senior sales managers, account managers and marketing executives from non-competing companies (we have multiple groups set up to avoid conflicts) meet four times a year over breakfast to discuss industry issues and best practices.

Agendas are determined by the group (10 to 15 members) on the day of the meeting and sessions are facilitated by a CHHMA representative to keep them focused, candid, productive, efficient, and finished on time.

On occasion, outside experts can be brought in to present or provide information on a specific topic or issue.

What are the Benefits to You?

• Attack critical problems in a friendly forum
• Find out how others may be dealing with a similar problem or issue and alternative approaches
• Obtain insight on industry/customer news you may have missed
• Benchmark your company with others in the industry
• Strengthen your bottom-line

Cost to Join:

The annual cost for four meetings is $350 + HST/GST. The fee helps to pay for the meeting facility, food and any facilitator expenses.
Introductory Meeting – No Charge:

CHHMA members can attend an initial meeting at no charge before determining whether they would like to join on a permanent basis.
We currently run several groups in the Toronto area with next meetings taking place on the mornings of February 26 and March 7.
We have also recently set up a new Montreal area group with a next meeting scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, April 16 at the Holiday Inn Longueuil.
We also conduct similar programs for senior executives called CORE (Chief Officers Reaching Excellence) with two groups running as well as one group for HR managers.

Next meetings for CORE are taking place on February 21 and March 19.

The HR Group is meeting next on March 21.

Sign-Up Now!

If you are interested in joining one of these groups or would like more information, please contact Michael Jorgenson at 416-282-0022 ext.134,