Employee Group Health Benefits

benefitsarchitect_logoConsider some options that the CHHMA can offer your company for group employee health benefits

The CHHMA is pleased to be able to offer our members two great options for your Employee Group Health Benefits (3 or more employees) – so when your existing program comes up for renewal, why not get a proposal from each of these two insurance brokers to see if they can enhance the benefits you are offering now or save you money on similar benefits?

The first option is Benefits Architect Group

Benefits Architect Group is a Canadian-owned innovative leader specializing in multi-product insurance and financial services for over 30 years. Their group benefits, retirement and executive benefits plans are specifically designed and tailored for mid-to-large size companies, as well as small businesses, associations and not-for profit organizations across Canada.

Their Custom Blueprint Program™ allows them to deliver “best-in-class” range of insurance and financial products, innovative funding and technology to address the unique needs of clients across Canada.

Over the years, they have found that the Benefits Architect Group Association program has been able to deliver a number of advantages to companies including:

  • Premium savings of 12% to 20% based on volume discounts
  • Direct submission of Drug and Dental claims, no paperwork
  • Claim payments deposited directly to employee bank accounts
  • Claims paid in 2-3 working days
  • Other health providers may directly submit claims – e.g. hospitals
  • Bilingual customer service
  • Free French translation if required
  • Canadian 800 number for employee assistance
  • Canadian broker to get involved in service issues
  • Assistance with Canadian knowledge re Employment Standards and legal issues surrounding employee relationships and taxation.

For more information or to receive a free, no-obligation quote, please contact:

Nigel Ottley
Benefits Consultant at Benefits Architect Group
(416) 934-1660
nigel@benefitsarchitect.ca, website: www.benefitsarchitect.ca



The second option is from Romac Financial which offers the CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan

CHHMA SelectFlex allows you to select the benefits you want to offer your employees while providing them with the flexibility they value to spend their benefits dollars how they see fit.

Customize Your Plan – Why pay for coverage you don’t want?

Control Your Costs – Large annual increases can be a thing of the past.

Flexible Design – This results in happier employees and fewer denied claims.

Your Time – It takes only 10 minutes to compare.

The CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan gives small businesses the power to customize their group benefits plans like never before.
Discover the superior alternative to traditional group benefits plans.

Traditional group benefit plans often have a “one size fits all” approach, where every member of your company has the same benefits. But every member of your company is not the same! Every individual and every family can have different benefits needs.

With the CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan, the plan sponsor selects the benefits to offer to employees. Then employees receive the flexibility they need for their own coverage through a tax effective plan. The combination of insurance protection and flexibility is one of the key advantages to SelectFlex.

There is a growing demand for a group plan that is flexible, easy, and affordable for small business. The CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan is designed to meet this demand. Some small businesses assume they are too small to have a truly flexible solution, or have found in the past it was too expensive to do so.

The CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan is unique because employers can tailor which benefits to offer. The employer gains control over the costs of a plan, while offering real choice for their employees.

The CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Solution

Plan Advantages:

  • Convenience of a drug card for medications that legally require a prescription.
  • Electronic dental claims submission (EDI) directly from the dental office.
  • Existing LTD rates can be matched if renewed within 6 months (minimum 10 lives).
  • Added flexibility with Health Care Spending Accounts for other expenses:
  • Eligible expenses according to Income Tax Act guidelines – very broad definitions – wider range of eligible items than any conventional benefits plan.
  • Employees may also claim amounts not paid by the Extended Health Care and Dental Care Benefit.
  • Coordination of benefits for expenses not covered under spousal plans, or amounts that exceed other plan maximums
    Plan Enrollment:
  • No medical questionnaire required for employees.
  • Complete membership kit for employees with benefits booklets, drug/dental card, claim forms, travel assist cards.
  • Direct deposit available for plan members.
  • Monthly billing for plan sponsors, with pre-authorized payment.
  • Applications received by the 10th of the month will take effect on the 1st of the following month

Participation Guidelines:

  • Minimum 3 Employees
  • Eligible Employees must work a minimum of 24 hours per week.
  • Waiting period for Full Time Employees is three (3) months unless waived in full by the Employer upon enrollment.
  • Waiting period does not apply to Eligible Employees currently on payroll as of effective date of benefits plan.
  • Coverage ceases at age 70.
  • Health Care Spending Account contributions must be fully employer funded in accordance with Revenue Canada guidelines.
  • Plan will renew annually on your policy anniversary date.

For further information, please contact:

Julie Walker
Romac Financial
3601 Hwy 7 East, Suite 515, Markham ON L3R 0M3
P: (1-866) – 477 – 6615, M: (905) 477 – 7447, F: (905) 477 – 9525
Email: info@romacfinancial.com, Website: www.romacfinancial.com