CHHMA Recruitment Program


CHHMA member companies can now be rewarded by helping to recruit new members

New for 2019, the CHHMA has introduced a New Member Recruitment Reward.

Current CHHMA member companies (manufacturers, sales agents & affiliates) will receive a Canadian Dollar credit amount, which can be applied towards their membership dues or any ticket purchase for a CHHMA event equal to 25% of the annual membership dues (first year only) of a new member company they played a vital role in recruiting to sign up for CHHMA membership.

The credit must be used within 12 months from the time the new member company has been approved.

All New Member Recruitment Rewards are to be approved by the CHHMA Board of Directors.

Also, new for 2019, CHHMA member companies, as part of their membership, can place an Ad for Free in either this CHHMA E-News Brief which is sent out biweekly to over 2,200 retailers, manufacturers and key decision makers within the Canadian hardware & housewares industry or a new CHHMA Product Showcase which will be start monthly soon. If interested in these advertising opportunities, please contact Dianne Kerr, Business Development Manager, at or call 416-282-0022 for further details.