Latest Trade Data Report on Cleaning Products Available

imageThe CHHMA is interested in providing our members with marketplace data and industry intelligence to help you with your business.  We recently have produced a Trade Data Report for the category of Small Appliances (import dollars, units, unit costs) broken down by products within that category for the years 2015 through 2017 and an Overall Report 2018 6 Months covering Numerous Product Categories within our industry.  The Overall 12 month report for 2018 will be available over the next few months and will incorporate some of the additional categories requested by members not reported on in previous reports.  These reports are available as part of CHHMA membership.

In addition, our analysts have just completed a Report on “Cleaning Products in Canada”.

As previously, the report consolidates Trade Data from Statistics Canada and Canadian Border Services and provides a summary of key issues for manufacturers and resellers.

Markets are dominated by giant consumer product companies.  Cleaning products are a massive market in terms of dollars and quantities with millions of kilos of cleaning products coming across the Canadian border every year.

Small environmentally focused manufacturers have struggled for decades to gain access to major distributors. Many of them are Canadian.

This report will give you insight behind the numbers including the fight for world dominance, major players, opportunities, brands & market concentration, costs and quantities for 2017-2018.

Products covered in the report include:

Covering Equipment
Air Fresheners
Dishwasher Detergent
Glass Cleaners
Polish Products
Rug/Carpet Cleaners
Soap Cleansers
Surface Cleansers
Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Cleaning Cloths of Textile
Industry Shop Towels
Pot Scourers/Pads
Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The report is available to CHHMA members at no charge.

Non-members can purchase a copy for C$299.00.

Please contact Michael Jorgenson at or 416-282-0022 ext.134 if you are interested in receiving a copy of the report.

Promote the CHHMA Scholarship Program to your Employees

imageThe CHHMA recognizes the importance of education and therefore encourages children of our member companies to attend university or college. To help offset the cost of a post-secondary education, the Association is pleased to offer a Scholarship Program.

Successful candidates receive $1,000 per year (CDN) for the first two years of study leading to a degree from an accredited community college or university.

The program is offered to Canadian companies or divisions of companies based in Canada. The member company must remain a member in good standing in order for the student to qualify for the second year of the scholarship.

The student’s parent or guardian must be an active full-time employee with at least one years’ seniority with the CHHMA or member company as of July 15th, in the year of application. Applicants must be high school seniors or in their last year of CEGEP in Quebec preparing to enter an accredited community college or university in the fall term, and attain a minimum average of 75% in the last year of high school or CEGEP.

Full details and application forms in both English & French can be found at the following link:

In addition, you can download a poster in either language at the above link to help promote the program.  Please print them off and post on your bulletin boards, in your lunch rooms or other high traffic areas to encourage your employees to take advantage of this member benefit!!

The CHHMA must receive applications from potential candidates no later than July 15th.

Since 2001, the CHHMA has awarded $190,000 towards scholarships and some 95 young people have benefited from the program.

First SMART Quebec Meeting of the Year Set

istockmeetingThe first CHHMA Quebec SMART Group meeting of the year is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., at the Holiday Inn Montreal-Longueuil, 900 Rue St. Charles East, Longueuil, Quebec J4H 3Y2. 

What is SMART?
SMART stands for “Sales Managers Achieving Results Together”

How does it work?
Senior sales managers, account managers and marketing executives from non-competing CHHMA member companies meet three to four times a year over breakfast to discuss industry issues and best practices amongst their peers.

On occasion, outside experts can be brought in to present or provide information on a specific topic or issue.

Cost to join:
The annual cost is $350 + GST/HST to be a member in the group with the fee helping to pay for the facility, food and any facilitator expenses.

CHHMA members can attend one initial meeting at no charge to see how the meetings work and the type of information that is exchanged before deciding whether they want to join for the year.

If you would be interested in attending the meeting or would like more information, please contact CHHMA President Sam Moncada at (416) 282-0022 ext. 125 or

Logistics Solutions & Services

Logistics Solutions & Services freight and distribution consulting

See how your company can benefit from this program – and it costs nothing to find out

Through Logistics Solutions & Services Inc. (LSS), the CHHMA has established a logistics and transportation program that can help our members to reduce freight and distribution costs, improve service, and reduce transit times. Many CHHMA members have already taken advantage of this program. Over the 20 years this program has been offered, the combined savings to our members is measured in the millions of dollars and growing.

CHHMA members can enjoy the best freight and courier rates available as a benefit of our program through LSS. LSS specializes in courier, LTL, Truckload and 3PL services within Canada and continues to meet the needs of the shipping public through strong and reliable distribution and logistics management consulting.

It all starts with accurate and informative benchmarking

For the past 24 years, LSS have provided considerable value to their clients by communicating current and comparative transportation rate structures based on volume, product type, modes and shipper/receiver requirements.

The rates you negotiate (without the wealth of their industry knowledge) may be too high. Without knowing what your competition is paying and what carriers are willing to settle for, you may not have the tools you need to get the best rates and service available…especially in these market conditions.

Change for the sake of change? Never! LSS respect the trust and relationships you have built with your carriers, but at LSS they can determine:

  • How rates compare with what your competition is paying
  • The bottom line that carriers will accept for the privilege of being your carrier
  • Current capacity requirements with key carriers and how to leverage this knowledge into better rates for you
  • Carrier costs and how to use that knowledge to your advantage
  • Proper negotiation, completion and implementation of carrier contracts that cover all the bases

LSS can save you money, time and increase efficiencies, while maintaining and improving service level performance.

Contact LSS now for a no obligation consultation at, telephone (905) 826-9080, fax (905) 826-8998 or email LSS Founder & President Paul Publow at


Call Out to HR Managers to Join Us on March 21st

iStock-meeting (500 x 333)The CHHMA-COPA HR Group is meeting next on March 21st and new members are welcome to come out to check out the meeting which will include a guest speaker on employee training courses.

The CHHMA-COPA HR Group is meeting next on the morning of Thursday, March 21, 2019, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. at the Centre for Health & Safety Innovation (CHSI), 5110 Creekbank Rd., Mississauga, ON L4W 0A1, and we are inviting new members to come out and attend the meeting.

The HR Group meets four times a year to discuss HR issues, new legislation impacting employees and the workplace and best practices. The cost for four meetings is $350 + HST but anyone from a CHHMA or COPA company can come out and attend an initial meeting at no charge.

At some of the meetings we will have a HR and/or legal expert review new government legislation. Also, we will have other guest speakers to present on a topic that HR personnel would be interested in. At the March 21st meeting, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Malak Sedra, from e-SKY Solutions ( will be on hand to talk about the benefits of online education & training courses for employees.

e-SKY. ca is an eLearning service provider for individuals and corporations seeking professional education advancement. They offer offers thousands of award-winning, professional development courses that cover a wide-range of topics.

If you are currently not a member of the CHHMA-COPA HR Group and would be interested in attending the March 21st meeting or would like to get further information on the program, then please contact Pam Winter at 416-282-0022 ext.121,


Preferred payment solutions for business

iStock-creditcard_668850580 (500 x 332)Let’s make running your business simpler and more cost-effective

The CHHMA has partnered with Global Payments to offer members a suite of payment solutions for their businesses

The CHHMA is pleased to announce that it has a relationship with Global Payments. Global Payments is a leading worldwide payment technology and software solutions provider and one of the largest in the world. Their extensive suite of payment solutions and card acceptance options are designed to meet the needs of your business – whether you accept payment in person, online or on the go!

With Global Payments, you’ll benefit from:

  • Preferred Pricing – includes a FREE, no obligation cost analysis to identify potential savings opportunities for your business
  • A Single Source Provider for all card types, including Visa®, Visa Deb-it, Mastercard®, Debit Mastercard, INTERAC® Debit, American Express, Discover® and UnionPay®, as well as support for emerging payment tech-nologies, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Fast Access to Your Funds – improve cash flow with deposits made di-rectly to your account, as early as the next business day

Preferred Pricing for CHHMA Members

VISA 1.42%/ transaction
Mastercard 1.44%/ transaction
American Express 1.90%/ transaction
INTERAC Debit $0.06/ transaction
Non-Qualified Fee 0.40%/ transaction


If you aren’t completely satisfied, you may exit penalty-free!*

For more information, please contact:
Daniel Wolfson
416-847-4291 or 647-931-2273
*Certain terms and conditions apply.

Save on your office product purchases with Hamster

iStock-officesupplies_147415288 (500 x 356)

CHHMA members can now take advantage of a new office supplies program from Hamster

The CHHMA is pleased to announce that our members can take advantage of a new office supplies program from Hamster (Novexco).
This new and exciting program offers:

  • Discounts up to 70% of retail price on most products
  • Extra discounts are added on all OFFIX products (House Brand)
  • The possibility for a personalised pricing list based on your most used items.
  • Next day free delivery
  • Distribution at national level
  • A dedicated account manager with the ability to evaluate and provide your entire work place.
  • Proactive recommendations for cost reduction
  • Easy online ordering 24 / 7
  • Access to Brands of products you already know and trust
  • A customer service department with good knowledge of products and good expertise

A year ago, Quebec-based Novexco announced that its banners including Bu-roPLUS, Club express were adopting a single new identity: Hamster.
The move was part of a strategic plan aimed at accelerating its growth in a market dominated by US-based giants. Novexco is the largest Canadian-owned provider of office supplies and services and is currently the 3rd largest in-dustry player in Canada.

“Companies such as Amazon and other online giants are in a position to at-tract consumers with very advantageous terms but we have the tools, solutions and logistics to compete with them,” says Novexco president and CEO Denis Mathieu.

He added: “Our people are always thinking solutions. They have been trained to focus on customer service and personal contact. Our large and solid net-work enables us to adapt and to exceed the expectations of consumers from coast to coast.”

Novexco’s unique and creative business model, based on a network of five warehouses in major urban centres and more than a hundred local stores, is designed to offset high transportation costs and optimize last-mile logis-tics, the tallest challenge for all Canadian distributors. The ability to of-fer quality products at a competitive price on the strength of robust logis-tics is a major selling point when competing with the e-commerce giants, and Novexco can now guarantee next business day delivery in most parts of Canada.

Incorporating e-commerce into business operations is one of the keys to growth in today’s marketplace. That is no daunting challenge for Novexco, which has always kept abreast of market trends. Today, online sales to busi-nesses account for nearly 80% of Novexco’s sales and the company is constant-ly investing to improve and adapt its e-commerce solutions for a unique cus-tomer base consisting of governments, small, medium and large businesses, re-sellers and consumers across Canada.

Creative positioning reflects company’s creative edge

In a fairly traditional industry, Hamster stands out with bright colours, a flexible corporate culture and a counter-current creative flair for antici-pating the trend. “Like that little thing in our head that is always spin-ning, we are always looking for the best solutions for our customers,” said Mathieu. Hamster will apply a customer-centric strategy to press ahead with coast-to-coast expansion while preserving quality service and close relation-ships with current customers.

“Our former banners served us well for 20 years,” said Mathieu. “But the mar-ketplace, our customers and our business have changed. We want to reflect that change and project our personality, our creativity and our ingenuity. Bringing our banners together under a single identity will enable us to in-crease our impact.”

It takes agility and ingenuity to be a leader in the fast-changing office supplies business. “On the one hand, demand for some products, such as paper, is plunging. On the other, we have products that didn’t exist 10 years ago. For example, people want to work standing up and we are distributing standing desks and table lift mechanisms so they can be productive and healthy at the same time. The industry is being revolutionized and we need to embrace and embody the winds of change,” Mathieu concluded.

If you would like to learn more about this great program, please contact:

Julie Messier
Account Manager (Development) – Hamster
Phone : 1 (866) 592 – 1212 Ext 8420

About Novexco Inc.

Novexco is a Canadian office, technology and furniture supply distributor owned by its merchants and management, founded in 1996. Its 109 stores in eastern Canada, primarily Quebec, have operated under the Hamster name since March 2018. Its commercial sales division serves Canadian businesses from distribution centres in Calgary, AB, Markham, ON, Laval, QC, Montreal, QC, and Dartmouth, NS. The Hamster network has more than 3,000 employees. Novex-co’s head office is located in Laval, Quebec. Novexco is a Gold Standard win-ner in the “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” awards.

Employee Group Health Benefits

benefitsarchitect_logoConsider some options that the CHHMA can offer your company for group employee health benefits

The CHHMA is pleased to be able to offer our members two great options for your Employee Group Health Benefits (3 or more employees) – so when your existing program comes up for renewal, why not get a proposal from each of these two insurance brokers to see if they can enhance the benefits you are offering now or save you money on similar benefits?

The first option is Benefits Architect Group

Benefits Architect Group is a Canadian-owned innovative leader specializing in multi-product insurance and financial services for over 30 years. Their group benefits, retirement and executive benefits plans are specifically designed and tailored for mid-to-large size companies, as well as small businesses, associations and not-for profit organizations across Canada.

Their Custom Blueprint Program™ allows them to deliver “best-in-class” range of insurance and financial products, innovative funding and technology to address the unique needs of clients across Canada.

Over the years, they have found that the Benefits Architect Group Association program has been able to deliver a number of advantages to companies including:

  • Premium savings of 12% to 20% based on volume discounts
  • Direct submission of Drug and Dental claims, no paperwork
  • Claim payments deposited directly to employee bank accounts
  • Claims paid in 2-3 working days
  • Other health providers may directly submit claims – e.g. hospitals
  • Bilingual customer service
  • Free French translation if required
  • Canadian 800 number for employee assistance
  • Canadian broker to get involved in service issues
  • Assistance with Canadian knowledge re Employment Standards and legal issues surrounding employee relationships and taxation.

For more information or to receive a free, no-obligation quote, please contact:

Nigel Ottley
Benefits Consultant at Benefits Architect Group
(416) 934-1660, website:



The second option is from Romac Financial which offers the CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan

CHHMA SelectFlex allows you to select the benefits you want to offer your employees while providing them with the flexibility they value to spend their benefits dollars how they see fit.

Customize Your Plan – Why pay for coverage you don’t want?

Control Your Costs – Large annual increases can be a thing of the past.

Flexible Design – This results in happier employees and fewer denied claims.

Your Time – It takes only 10 minutes to compare.

The CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan gives small businesses the power to customize their group benefits plans like never before.
Discover the superior alternative to traditional group benefits plans.

Traditional group benefit plans often have a “one size fits all” approach, where every member of your company has the same benefits. But every member of your company is not the same! Every individual and every family can have different benefits needs.

With the CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan, the plan sponsor selects the benefits to offer to employees. Then employees receive the flexibility they need for their own coverage through a tax effective plan. The combination of insurance protection and flexibility is one of the key advantages to SelectFlex.

There is a growing demand for a group plan that is flexible, easy, and affordable for small business. The CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan is designed to meet this demand. Some small businesses assume they are too small to have a truly flexible solution, or have found in the past it was too expensive to do so.

The CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Plan is unique because employers can tailor which benefits to offer. The employer gains control over the costs of a plan, while offering real choice for their employees.

The CHHMA SelectFlex Benefits Solution

Plan Advantages:

  • Convenience of a drug card for medications that legally require a prescription.
  • Electronic dental claims submission (EDI) directly from the dental office.
  • Existing LTD rates can be matched if renewed within 6 months (minimum 10 lives).
  • Added flexibility with Health Care Spending Accounts for other expenses:
  • Eligible expenses according to Income Tax Act guidelines – very broad definitions – wider range of eligible items than any conventional benefits plan.
  • Employees may also claim amounts not paid by the Extended Health Care and Dental Care Benefit.
  • Coordination of benefits for expenses not covered under spousal plans, or amounts that exceed other plan maximums
    Plan Enrollment:
  • No medical questionnaire required for employees.
  • Complete membership kit for employees with benefits booklets, drug/dental card, claim forms, travel assist cards.
  • Direct deposit available for plan members.
  • Monthly billing for plan sponsors, with pre-authorized payment.
  • Applications received by the 10th of the month will take effect on the 1st of the following month

Participation Guidelines:

  • Minimum 3 Employees
  • Eligible Employees must work a minimum of 24 hours per week.
  • Waiting period for Full Time Employees is three (3) months unless waived in full by the Employer upon enrollment.
  • Waiting period does not apply to Eligible Employees currently on payroll as of effective date of benefits plan.
  • Coverage ceases at age 70.
  • Health Care Spending Account contributions must be fully employer funded in accordance with Revenue Canada guidelines.
  • Plan will renew annually on your policy anniversary date.

For further information, please contact:

Julie Walker
Romac Financial
3601 Hwy 7 East, Suite 515, Markham ON L3R 0M3
P: (1-866) – 477 – 6615, M: (905) 477 – 7447, F: (905) 477 – 9525
Email:, Website:

CHHMA Payroll Program

payworks_owler_20160907_054851_originalCHHMA offers program for payroll and other workplace management requirements

Payworks is a leading expert in total workforce management solutions – See how they can benefit your company

The CHHMA is pleased to be partnered with Payworks, a leading expert in the field of total workforce management solutions, to offer cloud-based payroll, human resources, employee time and absence management solutions to its members.

Payworks understands the unique requirements of Canadian businesses and has developed solutions that are flexible, feature-rich, and easy to use. They also believe in putting people first, and they demonstrate this by delivering a personal and consistent service experience to all their customers.

CHHMA members will benefit from a discounted rate on Payworks’ suite of solutions through Preferred Partner pricing.

Click here for a PDF info sheet on their services: and visit their website at to find out why over 17,000 businesses already trust Payworks to get it right.

peer groups are a great advantage

8590002 - happy business team discussing together at office meeting with laptop

CHHMA peer groups – come check them out

Exclusive for CHHMA members, CORE, SMART & HR peer groups offer one of the most valuable benefits of CHHMA membership

The CHHMA is looking for additional members to join our successful peer network groups including SMART, CORE & HR.

SMART stands for “Sales Managers Achieving Results Together”

How Does it Work?

Senior sales managers, account managers and marketing executives from non-competing companies (we have multiple groups set up to avoid conflicts) meet four times a year over breakfast to discuss industry issues and best practices.

Agendas are determined by the group (10 to 15 members) on the day of the meeting and sessions are facilitated by a CHHMA representative to keep them focused, candid, productive, efficient, and finished on time.

On occasion, outside experts can be brought in to present or provide information on a specific topic or issue.

What are the Benefits to You?

• Attack critical problems in a friendly forum
• Find out how others may be dealing with a similar problem or issue and alternative approaches
• Obtain insight on industry/customer news you may have missed
• Benchmark your company with others in the industry
• Strengthen your bottom-line

Cost to Join:

The annual cost for four meetings is $350 + HST/GST. The fee helps to pay for the meeting facility, food and any facilitator expenses.
Introductory Meeting – No Charge:

CHHMA members can attend an initial meeting at no charge before determining whether they would like to join on a permanent basis.
We currently run several groups in the Toronto area with next meetings taking place on the mornings of February 26 and March 7.
We have also recently set up a new Montreal area group with a next meeting scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, April 16 at the Holiday Inn Longueuil.
We also conduct similar programs for senior executives called CORE (Chief Officers Reaching Excellence) with two groups running as well as one group for HR managers.

Next meetings for CORE are taking place on February 21 and March 19.

The HR Group is meeting next on March 21.

Sign-Up Now!

If you are interested in joining one of these groups or would like more information, please contact Michael Jorgenson at 416-282-0022 ext.134,